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Building my village

What does support and care look like for you?

You deserve support during this important time. People in your life can build on your strengths and help you in many ways. What do you want them to know so they can better understand and care for you? We are here to help you with exploring topics and making plans to meet your goals.

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Baby Care

Taking care of baby within the whole family’s needs


Mama stories

Listening to the stories and experiences of other mothers can help us feel heard and seen. Sometimes we can feel alone in this journey but the stories show that many moms are walking this journey together. These stories offer ideas into how women navigate the 4th Trimester. Some ideas may be of interest to you and others won’t be. Only you know what’s most important for your journey. Have a story to share please let us know!

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Meeting new mamas

Meeting new parents and finding your “village” isn’t always easy.

Click to learn how to find mothers near you, online social groups, and what to think about as you post about motherhood online. Share your motherhood journey and meet other mamas looking to share their own stories with you. We feature new mothers, great resources, new articles, and more on our social media daily. Let’s get social!

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